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What do you see?

Two months ago I cut my hair. Nothing unusual there.
But I just didn’t cut my hair like that, I had a motive for doing so. My intention was it, to fight and rebel, prejudice and bias regarding my sexual orientation. I therefore decided to create a video performance art piece, or video installation to combat that issue. At the centre of this performance, was the action of me cutting my hair.

The cutting of my hair, transforms my character and turns it into one of the biases, preconceptions and prejudices one has about lesbians and bisexual women. Because I decided freely to cut my hair, I rebelled and choose the preconception that fits me the best.
In my opinion, no one can escape prejudice. But you can decide, which bias you want choose and you make part of your personality. If one really does so, than this person escapes and breaks the preconception and transforms it into an individual and unique character trade.

This was my goal and intention when I cut my hair and filmed the whole thing. The text I spoke hopefully transports this message. I will later post up this text as well. Have fun watching the video and feel free to leave constructive criticism and comment, comment, comment.


Thoughts are fre… not always



I’m Tashina. (I will sometimes post under my artistic name A.M.Young) and this is my first blog. Well actually it isn’t. I already tried to write a blog a few months back but was unhappy with the blog site and its offers and that’s why I relocated to WordPress. Well a bit of unneeded information here, but oh well.

I know that many bloggers introduce themselves first before they start to write proper texts that deal with the themes that interest them. I will do that, but in a more indirect way. You don’t really need to read more unimportant information. If there is topic I want to talk about and my life is affected by it directly, I will tell you so. As in today’s blog for example and now let me begin again with a more proper introduction.

So hello again, I’m Tashina, 23 years old and live in Great Britain, but am German. I’m bisexual and normally I would leave it there. But not today, today a normal coming out is not enough. Because today I want to start to tell you my story and how my sexuality has controlled my life; or to be precise; how I tried to control my sexual orientation. Unfortunately I can’t just say: “I’m bisexual and that is a good thing.” Too many people still have a problem that not everyone is heterosexual. Even in present days, after there has been a massive change for LGBT people, we still face problems. Although a huge part of society is quite tolerant towards us, at least I want to believe that. A lot of Christians seem to have a problem with us, or so it seems.

WARNING!!!!! I myself am a Christian and that is why I will talk about my faith on this blog. If someone has a problem with that, please look for another blog before you say something offensive her. I don’t stupid comments here. END OF WARNING!!!

But also people who are not Christians, Atheists as well seem to have a problem with a small minority. And yes LGBT people are a minority. According to the latest stats only 1-4% per cent of all people ON THIS PLANET are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual. I don’t believe any official numbers and personally believe that we make up more 5-7% of the whole world population. It might be true that a great part has less or no problems with homosexuality, but the picture is a bit different when it comes to bisexuality. People like me, teenagers or adults face not only hostile treatment from “normal” people, but some gays and lesbians treat us very hostile as well. One of my former lesbian friends really said to be once that I was bisexual because I couldn’t face the fact that I was a lesbian. Another gay friend of mine told me that I was needy and just couldn’t enough because of me being bisexual. As if.  I’m not a player, I believe in the good old long lasting monogamous relationship. I’m not bisexual because I am extremely needy and greedy or because I’m a secret lesbian. To be honest I have no clue why I am bisexual. I just know that I fall in love with a girl sometimes and sometimes I fall in love with a boy. But many people can’t or won’t understand my sexual orientation and are ignorant towards it. Even my parents are ignorant. My life is defined by this ignorance and by missing respect for my sexuality. For a long time I tried to control my bisexuality, tried to suppress it. For a long time I imprisoned my thoughts instead of letting them be free. I was too afraid to tell my story for far too long. But I have enough of this; I can’t play this stupid game any longer and will stand to what I am. And that is why I will write how my sexuality influenced my life.