Hello my name is Tashina. I’m in my early Twenties and belong to the infamous group of people who just became adults and still find they path in Life. I do however feel more grown up like some other Twenty somethings might do. This blog is about me, the world and life of a young adult.

I’m a Christian and openly bisexual. A few years ago I started to get interested in LGBT activism and partially want to use my blog to support LGBT equality. I believe than you can reconcile LGBT issues and a LGBT identity with Christianity, because the Christian faith is actually about love not about hate.

But I also want to focus on other topics, such as politics, gender issues and art. I know, art seems to be a bit misplaced here. But I do know a fair bit about it, especially about theatre since I went to college to study Performing Arts for two years. next year I will go to University. So don’t be surprised if you find a post that is about art.

I’m an honest person and I have strong opinions and am not afraid to declare them. I still try to keep everything fair here and will try to be positive about things. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, have fun and be not afraid to leave some feedback.



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