He reached out to me

My former Pastor has contacted me today.

He explained his side of the story to me and we had a long talk. He asked me to delete my previous post, but I don’t feel that it would be right to do that. I did change the original post though and deleted the his name and the church name.

Although I can understand my pastors site, there are some things in the letter that are still valuable to me, as of now. And now that the original letter is already out there, it would be weird for those who have read it, to see that I deleted it. Even if I was wrong by posting this letter on this platform, I think it is important that I can be held accountable for this action. If I delete the letter, I would pretend that I possibly didn’t make a mistake and that the anger and pain that is represented in the letter never existed and that it doesn’t exist any more (to a degree).

I can understand my former pastor and his decision to not answer me in public, but since I put it all out in public, I at least need to stand for this decision, however right or wrong it might be.

What are your thoughts on this? I generally always welcome any imput, as long as it is honest and respectful.


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