My light is the Pilotlight

Today I’m going to blog about something different, I’m going to blog about art. Or to be precise my current involvement in a local arts project here in Wales.

As I mentioned in my introduction, I’m an artist or a performer to be precise. I hope that one day I will make acting or performing my profession and will be able to make a living out of the one thing I love to do and am more than passionate about. In the past two years I’ve been studying Performing Arts at my local college and will go to University next year. I needed to defer due to financial issues. And I really didn’t think I would get an opportunity that easily and that soon to do some performance work in this year.

But thankfully I thought wrong. I happened to follow the right people on Twitter and stumbled upon a tweet by James Baker who I met through my course. His tweet lead me to Sandra Bendelow and her account and I started to follow her. You see, Twitter has it’s merit and significance in our modern day society.

By following Sandra, who is a producer of Scriptography Productions, I did a smart thing. Because this company seeks to create opportunities for writers and/or performers who are interested in creating performance work, mainly written work made for performance. Check out their blog out to get more information and see what cool stuff they already did.

As luck had it, Scriptography Productions just had launched a new project and was looking for participants. This project will take place this weekend from the 20th until 22nd of September in the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth, the next nearby town to where I live. Gas Gallery is a “new spot” in the art scene and community in this area. I always wanted to check this place out and now I had the perfect opportunity to do so. I checked out the project idea and its intend. I was captivated by the idea of creating a performance in just 48 hours and to perform it in a Gallery. To be frank, I always wanted to perform in a Gallery and now I had a chance to do so right in front of my face. I couldn’t resist and apply.

And thankfully my kind of application was accepted and now I will create a performance in response to the art that’s on exhibition. And I have to say I really love the paintings and installations that found their current place in Gas Gallery. The two artists( Sandra Masterson and Aislinn Knight) who exhibit their pieces in the space both incorporated the topic of nature and landscape, but both in their own way. Here are some photos of their work.


(Paintings by Aislinn Knight)


(Painting by Aislinn Knight)


(Painting by Sandra Masterson)


(Installation by Sandra Masterson)

I’m really excited and a bit nervous about my involvement in this project. It has been three months now since my last performance, but I think that this project is just the right start for me to not only get involved in the local art and performance community but to also find a space to develop my passion and my skills further.

I’ve been to the gallery today and felt very inspired by the space itself and by the work. Tomorrow I will blog about some of these inspirations and the process of developing my three favourite ideas and how I got them in the first place.

Helpful Links:

Gas Gallery homepage:

Project Outline:

Scriptography’s WordPress account:


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